Dettol Natural Caring Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash

Product Features

  • *Germ kill 99.9%. Proven effective against germs, including: E.coli Staph.aureus Salmonella Influenza A type H1N1

Also available in: Sizes: 250g, 500g

Product Description

Killls 99.9%* of germs including flu virus Clinically proven mild formula
New Dettol Natural Caring Hand Wash gives you the trusted Dettol protection plus nature's best for naturally, healthy skin. It has the goodness of Aloe Vera and Botancial Extracts to maintain skin's health and vitality. Daily use of Dettol Natural Caring Handwash will leave your skin protected from germs and have it looking and feeling healthy.

Apply a small amount of Dettol Hand Wash directly on hands, lather gently. Rinse thoroughly.

* As per standard testing protocol against bar and liquid soap without actives

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